Are you returning to Televisa? After 25 years in ‘Ventaneando’, Chapoy ‘changes’ TV Azteca for a new company

Mexico City.- In the middle of assumptions changes and layoffs that would be coming in TV Azteca, filter photos of Pati chapoy, title of Windowing, in a new job that nobody knew and outside the Ajusco. Return to Televisa?

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As you will recall, the General Director of Shows at Ajusco, a company in which he has been 28 years old, at one point in his life he had to resort to give massages in a beauty clinic and even to sell bags at the flea market after being farewell to Televisa, according Chacaleo.

And that Pati started her career in the San Ángel company, but before that, worked as a model in another company and posed for a fashion magazine, a job of the host that few knew and this week they leaked the photos, leaving everyone shocked.

According to the channel HR Notes, the presenter would not have ‘given the width’ in the modeling and for this reason he allegedly decided to abandon the trade and dedicate himself to driving.

To pay for journalism school, Pati had to do everything and this led her to model in the magazine ‘Ultima Moda’, in 1973 when she was only 24 years old “.

“Her hair and her lack of curves did not help her. She did not meet the requirements to be a model and she had a lot of competition, because those years were times of phototelenovelas when famous as Anna martin they monopolized the glances “, they reported.

After graduating from the Carlos Septién García School of Journalism, Pati began to work in some print media such as in the magazine Design, Content, Vanities and even wrote for the newspaper What’s new?.

Years later, she began her role as a host on Televisa in the program Mexico, magic and encounter, when Raul Velasco I invite her. On that television station, Chapoy spent 20 years driving The world of the Show, Always on Sunday and Miss Mexico.

However, everything changed when in 1993 Pati made the decision to go to the nascent television station TV Azteca after being fired. There the controversial journalist led In the middle of the show and in 1996 he started Windowing, which is still on the air 25 years later.

As will be remembered, it is rumored that there will be important driver and program cuts in the Ajusco for 2022. Just this Wednesday morning, Pati surprised with a controversial tweet in which she announced that strong changes are coming.

Good morning … changes, changes are coming … “, he wrote in the description of a video of palms with birds singing in the background.

Although she did not specify what she was referring to, the journalist’s message caused a stir and sparked even more speculation about her possible departure and a crisis in the program, since in recent months there has been talk that he will leave the company or even that Windowing will come out of the air.

Speculations about changes in Azteca arise after the arrival of the controversial drivers of Gossip No Like, Elisa beristain and Javier Ceriani, with whom they would not have a good relationship.

It was even said that Chapoy vetoed the capsules where they appeared at the Radio Awards and did not air them on Ventaneando, which would have annoyed senior executives of the Ajusco What Sandra Smester, general director of content.

The host has not confirmed anything, but she has confessed that she has already thought about retirement, in addition to having previously commented that if she decided to leave television, she has already thought about who would replace her.

Source: HRNotas YouTube channel, Chacaleo, Twitter @ChapoyPati, @DeMemoria and Instagram @chapoypati

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