“Angela is not going to succeed, she does not know how to sing,” says Majo Aguilar; Confirmed that they hate each other ?: VIDEO

Majo Aguilar, Pepe Aguilar’s niece, caused a huge uproar on the internet after confessing that does not believe that Angela Aguilar can succeed in the future because she has no talent, compared to his brother Leonardo.

The young woman, who also ventured into the world of music, was invited to the program ‘SNSERIO‘where he was challenged to eat disgusting things or answer awkward questions. And one of them was, “Of two of your cousins, who do you think has the worst voice, Leonardo or Angela?” Furthermore, the presenters pointed out, “The voice that you can’t stand even through WhatsApp audios (…) you can’t stand it, it doesn’t sing ”.

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