AMLO maintains a 6% growth forecast despite a 0.4% drop in the third quarter

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador maintained his forecast of 6% of economic growth for the country even with the contraction of the economy in the third quarter of the year of 0.4% reported by the Inegi.

“The economy is growing and we are going to meet the forecast that we are going to grow 6% this year, and if it was a vee; the best indicator is the creation of formal jobs, and another indicator that helps a lot to know what is happening in terms of growth is foreign investmentIn both cases, I am just going to say that my opponents, the conservatives, do not get angry, there is a record, there have never been so many workers registered at the IMSS like now”.

At his press conference, at the facilities of the 52nd Infantry Battalion of Guadalupe, Zacatecas, President López Obrador said that this panorama was commented on in his lunch with businessmen to whom he gave an analysis of how the country is doing economically.

“I gave them a text about how we are not only work, inflation, the increase in Stock Exchange, the increase in minimum salary, in Foreign Investment because the largest year of foreign investment occurred in the government of Enrique Pela Nieto, which was when Modelo was sold, for the other years with the highest investment were 2019 and this one ”.

“Average salary 13,140 pesos per month, about 21 million workers registered in the IMSS, that’s why the people are happy, Denis (Dresser), those from Reforma and Salinas are angry, but people are happy.”

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