Adriana Reyes, the last daughter of actress María Rubio, dies

The daughter of the first actress Maria Rubio, Adriana Reyes Rubio, passed away this Tuesday.

With this news, the Reyes Rubio de la Maza family has met again in heaven.

Through social networks, Fernanda Reyes Pedret, Adriana’s niece, released this news, although she did not detail the reason for her death.

“We will always miss you but I am sure that you are happy to be reunited with your parents and your brother. One more angel in our lives,” she wrote on Twitter.

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María Rubio is remembered by characters like that of Catalina Creel in the soap opera “Cradle of wolves”. The first actress was married to the writer Luis Reyes de la Maza, whom he divorced in the 80s.

From their relationship, they had Claudio Reyes Rubio and Adriana Reyes Rubio, the first of whom died in 2017 due to a car accident while returning with the actress Maru Dueñas from recording scenes for the telenovela “I plead guilty.” The car they were traveling in hit a truck on the Mexico-Cuernavaca highway.

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In the case of María Rubio, he died in 2018, while Luis Reyes in 2014.


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