Abuses of Simón Levy must be investigated and punished to avoid impunity: Salvador Camarena

Journalist Salvador Camarena assured that the abuse committed by the employer Simon Levy, accused in recent days for force to an older adult derived from a real estate lawsuit, after a video that came to light on social networks, they have to be reviewed and sanctioned by the corresponding authority.

In an interview with Joaquín López-Dóriga for your space in Formula Radio, Camarena Rodriguez made a summary of all the irregularities and abuses that he has committed Levy-Dabbah, which exploded this week when he threatened an elderly person, identified as Emma “S”, for a real estate lawsuit that the businessman lost and for which he would have to pay 1.5 million dollars.

It is one of the big questions about the administration of the head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, and the new mayor of Miguel Hidalgo (Mauricio Tabe). Good thing that the anti-corruption speech was rewarded by the voters. President López Obrador and the head of government arrived. But now we have to move on to reality: these abuses have to be reviewed and, where appropriate, punished, and if necessary, demolish what is not in those buildings, because, if not, these abuses continue, “he said.

“If it could have been Simon or whoever it is, of course it is not justified, but then other cheers will say ‘Well, I also do the same’ and in a few years they will say ‘there is my six-story building, when you could only build four,’ “he said.

Impunity only generates more crimes, more corruption, more abuses, and ultimately more impunity, so we will not have made any progress despite the promises and the fact that it is an urgent demand from the citizens ”, he said.

The columnist of the newspaper El Financiero recalled that in 2018, Xóchitl Galvez, then mayor of Miguel Hidalgo and now a federal deputy, viralized a video of the building in question, where workers continued with the works despite the fact that construction was suspended

“I publish that column in 2018 and (Levy) says that he did not own there, nor did he own anything, but at the same time I obtained documents of a complaint that he had filed against a contractor where he claimed three million pesos, and gives as his domicile the Campos Eliseos building ”, he stressed.

Then there is the contradiction of, on the one hand, publicly denying that he lived there, and then, in a trial, he said that this was his address. Now he has become famous in a video where he bangs on his neighbor’s door. You have to fear for the neighbor”He specified.

Now, explain to me: 2014, the Partial Development Plan. He says there are only four levels in that area. Today, 2021, there are more than four levels in that building. How could it be? It’s a miracle? An emergency work that someone decreed? What did the ex-mayor Victor Hugo Romo to regularize something that was suspended? ”, he pointed out.

Camarena Rodriguez made an account of other known irregularities in the public career of Simon Levy, whose name emerged in networks as a result of the cultural work that was intended to be carried out in Chapultepec avenue of the Mexico City, some years ago.

“We are talking about a former official, someone who was paid in the government of Miguel Ángel Mancera. It became famous because it promoted a commercial passage that it wanted to be sold as a cultural work in avenue Chapultepec, which needed a makeover. But that was being promoted as something that was not going to be: that it ended up in a very strange business scheme, with returns for I don’t know what people, “he said.

“Before, he had had a controversial passage through China, where he presented himself as a manager. He presumed that he had flown an Aeromexico flight and introduced it to that country. I investigated and the former ambassador of Mexico on China, Jorge Guajardo, he told me for the column that everything he said Levy basically it was a lie; that there he promoted himself as a person who had the capacity to promote Mexican companies in China that were not such, that was in 2015, ″ he declared.

“I also published paragraphs of his thesis. He has studies at UNAM, which coincided, word for word, with other people’s texts and which were not in quotation marks, ”he finally detailed.

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