Fortnite Server Down On December 4th – Maintenance For Update 11.21

Epic Games reported upkeep a couple of hours prior. The Fortnite servers are presently disconnected and update 11.21 is being introduced. We have all the data about this report on 4 December.

Fortnite Downtime start at 4 AM ET (0900 UTC), at that point at last the servers are never again available and Fortnite is down.

To what extent does the support take? In view of the encounters of the most recent many months the work ought to be done following 2 to 3 hours.

Fortnite Update 11.21 and Patch 2.47

We expect that everybody needs to download and introduce a Fortnite update. Contingent upon the stage, the adaptation numbers will be extraordinary, on the PS4 it will be update form 2.47.

When Epic has discharged the fix notes for the update 11.21, this article will be refreshed!

What new substance does fix 11.21 contain?

What’s going on in Battle Royale mode? Fortnite Status presented a tweet on the Trello board, which gathers every one of the issues at present flowing in the game. These issues could be settled:

  • Issues with the steadiness of DirectX 12
  • Expert rifleman hits that are not enrolled accurately
  • Issues with the week after week challenge: Elimination without warning

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